Answering Four Common Objections to Libertarian Philosophy.

Why do people reject libertarianism? Many Conservatives object to libertarianism because they see it as immoral, however many of them are clinging to what they have heard from those they see as authority figures. They take the side of the average republican or what they think they ought to say rather than looking at the evidence. In many cases even when shown the evidence they will reject it without an argument of their own simply because they can't divert from the ways they have always thought. The emotional rejection of libertarianism is partly the fault of libertarians for not trying harder to reach out to Social Conservatives who would ally with libertarians on many important issues. While many who already reject libertarianism will not be swayed by the evidence, I wish to remove lack of evidence or proof as an excuse that can be used as to why libertarianism is rejected. If you are reading this as a Social Conservative you will be able to know whether the evidence is really what holds you back from libertarianism.

1. Libertarians are seen as being pro-abortion.

This is wrong. While some libertarians do think that abortion should be legal, many are pro-life and many more believe that each individual state ought to decide what its laws regarding abortion should be. This is how the Founding Fathers designed the Country. They gave the States autonomy so that people who agree with the laws of one State and not with another could vote with their feet and live in the State that better represents their values.

Some libertarians see abortion as the initiation of force against the unborn child. While science labels humans as Mammals and virtually every Biology textbook in America says that a Mammal's life begins when the sperm reaches the egg it is hard for many libertarians to accept that it is okay to end the life of a human being who would otherwise grow into a full-fledged adult. Of course the one possible exception would be where the life of the mother is highly likely to be forfeit.

I will not say all libertarians feel that way because this is still a controversial topic in any circle, however when looking at the rights of a child or of the unborn we must realize the nature of the being and how they fit into society. (Because libertarianism is first and foremost a way to organize society not an entire worldview.) Children (unborn or otherwise) are not here voluntarily, they did not have a choice as to whether to be born, and they are completely dependent on caregivers for survival. For this reason they can not be seen as autonomous beings however at the same time they are not the property of their parents because they are sentient beings who will grow to become fully autonomous. This being the case parents do not have the right to discard or do whatever they want with their children as they rightfully could with a piece of property. It is for this reason that they can and should be lawfully protected from the initiation of force (i.e. violence, fraud and or theft). 2. Libertarians are seen as being against traditional Marriage. Many libertarians believe that the government should not be involved with marriage at all, others believe that the Constitution leaves this issue to the States. Marriage is a voluntary and personal contract or a religious function between people and it is not for the government to interfere with this. Libertarians believe that people should not need the government's permission to get married. The marriage license basically says the government owns the products or fruits of the marriage (this includes children that the marriage creates) and libertarians reject this.

Many people believe that God defined marriage as "one man and one women". However many still support the government's involvement as good. This is a contradiction because people do not say that God defined marriage as "one man and one women and the government". People should realize that God will recognize the marriages that He deems legitimate regardless of what the government recognizes. Many Social Conservatives complain that non-traditional marriages hurt the family dynamic and put a strain on the economy. The problem is that with government involved in marriage this argument applies just as much to traditional marriages. One of the main reasons people want to get married (outside of religious reasons) is because the government grants privileges and perks to married couples. People want the benefits that they see that others have. If the government did not get involved with granting special benefits to people just because they were married I suspect that many non-religious people might not choose to get married at all.

Above all these other reasons, the most important factor to most libertarians, is the rights of the people who perform marriage ceremonies. Libertarians do not believe anyone should have a say in how someone chooses to provide services to others. In the same way that libertarians are against the government forcing someone to perform a marriage ceremony that they don't believe in, they also believe that the government does not have the right to prevent someone from performing a marriage ceremony for people. You can not have it both ways. Either the government can force and prevent someone in performing marriage ceremonies or it can't do either. The principle is the same both ways and to suggest otherwise is inconsistent. 3. Libertarians are seen as being for people doing drugs,

Libertarians believe that no one, not even people with special titles who belong to a group called government should be able to tell you what you can or can't do with your body. Many libertarians want us to follow the Constitution and leave issues like these to the States. No libertarian I have ever met said that they believed people should do mind-altering, addictive and harmful drugs. The question here is not whether people should do drugs, the question is what should society do about people when they use drugs. Libertarians believe that the government is wrong to put people in jail or otherwise punish them for something that is not violence, fraud and or theft.

Right now the War on Drugs encourages gang wars, drug cartels and black market dealing. Prohibition didn't work in the 1920's and it doesn't work now. Social Conservatives are so worried about putting people in jail and making sure they have a mark on their record that they fail to see how these things are hurting people even worse than the drugs they claim to be against. People who are suppose to be for forgiveness, helping others, and most of all grace, should be the biggest opponents of putting a mark on someone's record that will follow them for the rest of their life. This mark prevents them from getting a job and makes people less willing to trust them or give them a second chance. In many cases one drug offense literally ruins the rest of their life, not because of addiction or anything the drug did, but because of the punishments placed on them by government. What we should be looking at is rehabilitation and intervention from private citizens, not government involvement. Finally Social Conservatives are inconsistent with this issue. If the issue really was about putting harmful things in our bodies than they should be for banning Nicotine, Tobacco and Alcohol. For that matter they should be against McDonalds and Coca-Cola. The truth is that Nicotine and Tobacco and much more addictive than Marijuana and Marijuana has never had a single reported death from overdose. Compare that to Alcohol which around six people die everyday from overdosing on. Also Alcohol is created from fermentation which is the process of rot, whereas Marijuana comes from a natural plant called Cannabis. Cannabis oil has also been shown, in a number of cases, to help people beat cancer. Yet growing Cannabis or using Hemp products is illegal in many States.

The War on Drugs has never been about banning things that are harmful to you. In truth America has the highest per capita prison population in the world and almost half of the prison population is there on drug offenses. To look at a chart which shows the statistics on the prison population based on offense you can go here:

4. Libertarians are seen as supporters of pornography and prostitution. First and foremost most libertarians believe that the Constitution clearly leaves issues like these to the States and each State should have their own laws and people should either live in the State the best represents them or to work to change the laws of their State instead of imposing a one-size-fits-all policy on the whole Country,

Libertarians also believe that government shouldn't interfere with people's personal affairs. Libertarians don't promote these actions or condone them, but also don't believe government should police voluntary decisions. How do you plan to enforce laws against things like this? Do we monitor everyone's internet activity and arrest anyone who views pornography? Do we mark people's records and ruin their lives like we do with drug charges? Why does government have to be involved? Private citizens can help educate these people about better, more productive, and less destructive things to do with their time, better than any jail cell ever could.

Obviously there should always be laws against forced exploitation and things of that nature, but to suggest that we should arrest or mark people for these things makes no sense. Private citizens and churches can't have people in rehabilitation and other such programs if those same people are stuck in a jail cell. You can not have your cake and eat it to. You can not want all those people who commit certain acts to be sent to jail or otherwised punished and at the same time want them in your program to help them. They can not be in two places at once.

Conservatives see libertarians as being in favor of things which they see as harmful. The truth is libertarians do not promote harmful practices, they simply believe it is not the government's place to prohibit such actions. Libertarians see government intervention as wrong both because it does more harm than good and also because they do not think the government should have the power to tell people how to live their own lives. Libertarians believe that no human is above the corrupting influence of power, so that power should be as minimal as possible. If that isn't consistent with the concept of sin nature I don't know what is.


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