Why should we look at things from a libertarian perspective?

Libertarianism is simply the belief that in society people should be able to do what they want as long as they are not initiating the threat of or use of violence, fraud and or theft against others.


Throughout history freedom has always led to prosperity and competition has always led to better productivity. The nations with the most liberty universally became the most successful. The reason for this is because human action, motivation, and incentives are driven by profit and loss, which can not be calculated without "market prices". No politician can arbitrarily make up a wage or invent a price for a good or service. Those things need to come from the voluntary choices of people trading freely. That is how "market prices" form. Only through the voluntary trade of everyone in the economy can prices be determined; because people's needs, desires, situations. opinions and priorities are constantly changing prices are also constantly changing. No central plan could possibly gather or keep up with this information, the missing information is then filled with guesswork which can't possibly be accurate. When a politician tries to manipulate wages and prices through subsidies, mandates and regulations the economy inherently suffers.


There is also a moral reason why libertarianism needs to be the lens through which we view society. It is fundamentally self-contradictory and hypocritical to use violence, fraud and or theft against someone else or have someone else (like the government) use violence, fraud and or theft on your behalf. Now to be clear this is not talking about self-defense or defending someone else from violence, fraud and or theft. The reason libertarianism is a more moral way to run society is because it is a logical impossibility to want something done to you against your will. The idea is inherently self-contradicting. Therefore since you are incapable of wanting something done to you against your will, it is hypocritical to do something to someone else against their will.




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